Concept and Roadmap

Concept and Roadmap

What Is Hokusai?

Hokusai Universe is a hub for authentic Japanese art to be displayed and experienced. A series of collections will open the doors for fans to the ultimate meta/real life experience connected to the land-of-the-rising-sun.

The Hokusai Universe will focus on high quality and authentic art not just to be seen but also lived. Each artist involved will bring, beside amazingly produced pieces of art/music, both meta and real-life experiences such as exhibits, concerts, behind the scenes/backstage access.

Why Hokusai?

Katsushika Hokusai remains the most famous Japanese artist in history. His paintings “The Wave Of Kanagawa” and the “36 Views of Mount Fuji” are among the most searched online and have become a huge part of pop culture through the last two centuries.

Hokusai was the first ever artist to use the word manga and his visionary influence is a big part of the manga culture we all love. 

Demons, warriors and fairy-tales inspired thousands of artists that came after him. Through our Hokusai Universe we want to bring those artists together and bring the fans along for another exciting adventure. 

Our producer Mr.Sugimoto owns a personal collection of Hokusai art and paintings and decided to bring to life that astonishing art with using blockchain tech.

How Do You Join Us?

Being part of The Hokusai Universe is a simple process. The first door to the universe will open through our Legacy Pass collection. This limited number of collectibles will grant access to present and future things related to the project.

It will give you early access to future artists, utilities connected to each drop (virtual and real life) news and more. The entire universe will be accessible through our website. After logging in you will get a better view on all present and future collections and experiences. 


Q2 2023

First Collection | The Legacy Pass

Amazing piece of art designed by Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai, Batman Ninja) and Kastumi Sakakura. The legacy pass will give you access to: 

1. Hokusai Universe website and the first series of experiences; 

2. “The Life Of HOKUSAI” theatre show access: tickets or meta/streaming access; 

3. “Sakakura Masterclass” on hip-hop and martial arts physical/meta access;

4. "Japanese Byobu" collection with Japanese Water Monsters by artist Blackbanshee;

5. "Yokai: The ancient prints of Japanese monsters" collection connected virtual or in person visit to immersive Hokusai art exhibit: past drawings and modern mangas/anime;


Onboarding | Next Collection

Onboarding process of next Hokusai Universe artist, art-piece creation and specific experiences. 

White-listing opportunities, early access and drop.

1. Artist 2 (to be revealed) onboarding, pieces selection and creation.

2. Music/Art collectible revealed.

3. Experiences revealed.


Connections | Partnerships

Establishing meaningful connections with partners in the Japanese market, collaborations with brands and companies. 

1. Early access to real/meta experiences through legacy pass.

2. Partnership announcement and perks.

3. Next collection sneak-peek.

Long Term View?

Team | Web 2 + 3 

The Hokusai Universe team brings together different parties that have a common interest: creating a great experience for fans. The Japanese arms of our project, Global Business Labo and Nioku, together with the producer Mr.Sugimoto have decades of experience in the entertainment business bringing you some of the top names for manga, anime and Japanese music. This amazing team has been working with top IPs such as One Piece, Naruto and currently in charge of building Naruto theme parks all over Asia.

Starting from this amazing network, the Hokusai Universe team will create an eco-system where single collections and collaborations will bring together top tier artists, creators and musicians for the ultimate Hokusai experience. 

On the Web 3 side the Danketsu team together with Mirai Music, Nucast and NMKR will bring the expertise needed for the project to transition in this exciting and futuristic space. 

Takashi Okasaki and Katsumi Sakakura are just a few examples of the artists that will be part of the experience.

Advantages | Mission

The beauty about our universe is that all the artists involved will bring their own ongoing business, art and productions. This will guarantee a constant renewal and novelty when it comes to experiences connected to the collectibles. 

A band touring will always have tickets for shows and back-stage access. A renown manga artist will always publish his work, an art master will always display his/her art in exhibits around the world. 

The more the universe grows the more collaborations and interesting experiences we will create for you. 

What Is an Experience?

We consider an experience something tangible that gives value to our days and lives. Does that include a very good piece of art that can be used as a profile picture? Why not? But why don't we go bigger? 

A beautiful, high-quality piece of art produced by a top manga artist is a beautiful collectible but what if we could give fans something more? 

That is why each and every collectible will have specific experiences attached.

 Examples could be:

  • not only a piece of art but also an access to the creator
  • not only a piece of music but also backstage access, concert tickets
  • not only a piece of design but also access to exhibits

Value For Community

User Friendly Flow | Web3 

Our mission is shared by all team members and consists of two main goals:

  • Making tech disappear and create a user friendly flow to experience the power of Web 3 and NFT technology;
  • Expanding the concept of community to the vast audience by creating a solid pipeline for fans to experience, give feedbacks and enjoy the ride;

Thanks to our partners NMKR and Komet we will continue exploring better ways to share our work with the vaster audience. Our partner platform Nucast will provide a first proof of where we are envisioning our project to be.

What Is A Community?

One of the most important factors for us is to properly redirect and enhance web 2 fans' experience through web 3 tech and possibilities. 

This means an approach to community building that not only stays in our servers and website but also expands through real life experiences and special access to events with the possibility to meet other fans.

The typical twitter and discord channels are a good form of open communication but in order to establish a meaningful dialogue we will work hard to forge a functional universe inside our website with creators involved and the chance to give inputs to the team when it comes to experiences and future approach. 

What’s In For You?

The main goal of Hokusai Universe is to give fans a meaningful, long-term and high quality experience. In order to do that we will give our holders specific tools to interact and guide our universe building. 

This will mean real interaction, community involvement and most importantly direct access to producers, artists and team involved.